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  Eliminate Your Debt Today!

We offer personalized financing solutions to help eliminate debt and lower payments, which results in increased savings per month. Our programs seeks out solutions that can be termed as tailor made to suit the individual credit, income, assets, goals and property equity position. Our average client saves $600 to $1200 per month and more in some situations.

We provide financing solutions customized specifically for each individual situation. We also offer financing solutions for the self-employed individual who has issue's with income verification, as most self employed individuals do not show enough taxable income to qualify under standard bank guidelines. Our services are also available for those who have made late payments, collections, judgments, liens, delinquent taxes or other personal debt issues.

Any homeowner faced with high debt balances or high interest rates owe it to themselves to contact us to see what solutions are available to help them. Our programs are equipped to meet the requirements of anyone who is under the axe of financial instability. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and let us help remove the burden of debt for you.

*Certified debt arbitrators from the International Association of Debt Arbitrators

*Licensed Mortgage Brokerage

*Registered non-bank lender specializing in residential and commercial mortgages

*With over 20+yrs in the financial services industry, mortgage financing, and debt management services we are committed to the needs of our clients to help them become debt free!

"You" will receive a plan specifically designed for your personal situation!

"You" will be given assistance to help re-build your credit

We offer financing for 1st and 2nd mortgages for residential and commercial property. Each and every plan is customized specifically for each applicant and their personal financial situation.

Our program is targeted towards effective assistance for homeowners helping them to pay off their debts, lower their monthly payments, thereby increasing their cash flow and savings every month.

Each applicant receives an extensive review, and a plan is formulated for their particular goals, whether it may be a new 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage or debt management services. The financial solution is reviewed with each client and only when our client is satisfied do we move forward to finalize the proposal. Our motto is, if we can't put our client into a better position we tell them upfront. We walk each client from the application stage, through processing, to completion and follow up after closing for as long as they are our client.


We don't just offer "One Size Fits All Solutions"

If you have a $7,600 credit card balance with an 18% APR and only make 2% minimum payments
you'll need 53 years to pay off your debt. Total interest $21,731!